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Garland Apparel Group

Our Story

As a company, our throughline is a deep belief in the importance of American production — grounded in shared values and respect for the place and people where we live. Guided by our unique understanding of the industry, we’re passionate about creating a sustainable future for U.S. manufacturing through quality-driven goods made in an environment established to support long-term careers, contribute to our community, and maintain the significance of work crafted by hand. 

Our shared expertise centers around apparel and men’s tailoring, both within heritage brands and in our own production facilities. As hands-on owners of independent American factories—including a decade operating the iconic Hart Schaffner Marx tailored clothing company outside Chicago—we produced high-quality, detail-driven men’s tailored garments. In 2021, we turned our complete focus to thoughtful brand expansion by broadening our production categories, purchasing the Garland Shirt Company factory, and investing in the restoration of the storied landmark factory we’re in today.

From our new home in historic Garland, NC, we’re proud to be leading the next chapter of apparel manufacturing in the U.S. as Garland Apparel Group. 

What we do

Grounded in Collaboration

Garland Apparel Group is a trusted partner in the design, development, and manufacturing of handmade garments and goods. From storied brands seeking to bring production close to home, to emerging designers purposefully focused on craft, we collaborate to bring ideas to life through an ecosystem of support, transparent communication, and a dedication to uncompromising quality. 

We offer expertise in cross-categorical collaboration, pattern-making, technical design, and fit. Alongside a team of apparel experts working from decades of experience, we bring a bespoke approach to both perfecting new styles and maintaining the consistency of timeless designs — providing a streamlined foundation for versatile and sustainable production. 

The Garland Approach

Multi-Category Expertise Under One Roof

From development to on-time delivery, our team has expertise in men's and women's dress shirts, sport shirts, and tailored suiting, including overcoats, trousers, skirts, tailored clothing, soft wear, loungewear, and miscellaneous soft home goods.

Design & Development

We are partners in supporting product development beginning with an idea, drawing, sample, or pattern. Consider us part of your team as we work together to refine details, perfect fit, and collaborate on material selection and sourcing.

Sampling & Fit

Our technical design team and manufacturing experts work closely to refine pattern and fit to every project’s exact specifications.

Sourcing & Supply Chain

Our team members can recommend fabrications and partners best suited for each project, as well as manage purchasing and importation of fabrics and trim — expanding our sourcing network as needed to meet production needs. We currently work with all major American and European mills, including Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis, Reda, Comero, Albini, and Thomas Mason, alongside key Asian mills.


We believe in transparency in all that we do, including the cost of our garments. Our costing is communicated clearly throughout the process, and based on pattern specifications, fabric, trim, special packaging, and labeling. Across Garland Apparel Group, we’re proud to hold quality as our highest standard, from the materials we source to the detail-driven expertise of our unionized team.



Our production capacity primarily centers in the categories of Tailored Apparel and Shirting, with other categories continuously expanding. Our lead times vary based on product and pattern.

Partner with Us

Shirt Capacity

180,000 units per year

Tailored Clothing Capacity

30,000 units per year

Coat Capacity

30,000 units per year

Made-to-Measure Shirt Capacity

15,000 units per year

Made-to-Measure Suiting Capacity

10,000 units per year

Pant Capacity

50,000 units per year