Garland, North Carolina


Surrounded by an expanse of green farmland, Garland is a small, tightly-knit community of 600 in Southeastern North Carolina where neighbors greet each other by name and local barbeque remains fabled. Since 1954, garment manufacturing has been Garland’s heartbeat, with the Garland Shirt Company’s cut-and-sew factory serving as the rural community’s largest employer for decades. From its origins, the factory specialized in bespoke shirting, including the exclusive production of Brooks Brothers’ iconic twill button-down oxford — with garments crafted through the experience of local, unionized tailors and craftspeople. 

In 2020, the factory shuttered, creating a hole in Garland and leaving hundreds of residents without work. Garland Apparel Group is a continuation of this legacy, founded with the hands-on support and welcoming hospitality from the city of Garland, Sampson County, and the state of North Carolina. Grounded in respect for what came before us while looking ahead to a more sustainable future, today we are proud to work alongside over 100 of Garland’s original local union employees. 

Our Values

Soulful Legacy

We honor the generations of garment-making tradition we are a part of, both within our community and as part of a larger history of craftsmanship. We’re guided by preserving the art of goods made by human hands; these time-honored, perfected skills thread us together, reminding us of our connection to place, history, and people.

Our Values

Interconnected Community

We find the deepest passion, pride, and meaning in contributing to our community. We prioritize quality of life at every level, holding the highest standards for working conditions and wages. We believe in always striving to add value to our community by extending this same sentiment to our neighbors, partners, and collaborators. 

Our Values

Uncompromising Quality

We are committed to the highest quality in everything we do, beginning with our detail-driven garments that are purposefully made to last. This value system extends to the relationships we forge with brands who similarly favor timelessness and value the beauty of quality.

Our Values

Conscious Production

We believe that designing a more sustainable future for the apparel industry starts close to home. In keeping our production purposefully made in America, we eliminate the unnecessary excess that comes from international shipping and overproduction. To us, sustainability is an ongoing conversation, not a one-time benchmark; we are continually working to integrate new processes, to be mindful of energy and resources, and to respect both people and planet. 

Our Founding Team

Alongside over 100 union team members and administrative staff.


Co-Founder & Managing Member

43 years of apparel experience 


President, Garland Apparel Group

30 years of men’s tailored manufacturing experience


President, Business Development

40 years of men’s apparel experience